Mike Heiligenstein Contribution at the Williamson County Growth Summit

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of a Texas-based independent government agency. Mike has been working at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its inception in 2002. He also holds the executive position as the President of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. His involvement in the environmental and public infrastructure has earned him membership in Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Taskforce and the Texas A &M Transportation Institute Advisory Board.

Public Service Career

He has had a successful public career for the 23 years that he served as a public official in the Round Rock and Williamson Counties. Mike Heiligenstein involvement in the implementation of program and projects saw him supervise capital improvement projects of over $500 million. He also contributed significantly to the change of the transport sector in Central Texas through his $350 million transportation initiative.

Mike Heiligenstein Role at Regional Mobility

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority started its operations in 2003 after the board named Mike Heiligenstein as the leader of the agency. The aim of the company includes the development of modern and regional transport system that will meet the needs of Central Texas residents. Currently, Mike Heiligenstein has overseen completion of the 183A in Williamson County. This is their first project that aimed at introducing modern electronic and cashless toll collection. Among other achievements of Mobile Authority includes the 290 Toll project and the Mopac Express Lanes. They also intend to study other expressways in Central Texas Region through collaborations with various regional transport companies.

Mr. Heiligenstein Contributions at the Summit

Austin Business Journal held the 19th year Williamson County Growth Summit to discuss the transportation challenges facing the suburban communities. They also discussed the effects of technology to the transportation industry in Austin area. The transit discussion brought together four panelists from different transport sectors including Jared Ficklin, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kosper, and Mike Heiligenstein. In the debate, Mr. Heiligenstein highlighted that Austin needed to build smarter and more efficient roads especially in the suburbs where there is a tremendous increase in population. On the topic of the driverless cars, Mike Heiligenstein sighted that the process of adoption may be slow and tedious than anticipated.

John from Uber Technologies advocated for the creation of subsidies that would cover the first and the last mile that every commuter has to walk to get to a bus stop. Additionally, Mr. Ficklin emphasized that the policy makers need to be flexible on the buildings and land-use codes, which are bound to change with the increase of the autonomous vehicles in future.

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