Why Our Prison Needs to Work with Securus Technologies

Although me and my fellow corrections officers have numerous resources at our disposal to keep everyone safe behind these prison walls, we are always on the hunt for any way to keep the inmates from hurting themselves, other inmates, visitors, staff, and my fellow officers.


The life of a corrections officer is dangerous to say the least, but if you approach each day with laser focus and make use of all those resources, you can get through the day safely.


One of the resources we use daily are the drug-sniffing dogs. These canines will enter a cell and locate items the inmates are trying to hide from us. Many times these items are in plain sight, but the dogs have little trouble being able to spot them and alert my team so we can get those items out of circulation. Whether drugs or weapons, these items pose a serious threat once in the hands of the inmates.


We utilize large body scanners in the visitor center to make sure nothing is coming in that the inmates can make use of. We not only run the visitors through these scanners, we make sure the inmates pass through before they go back to their cells. We used to monitor calls the inmates made, but the latest resource may have turned out to be the most valuable of them all.


Securus Technologies provided our facility with a new inmate call monitoring system, and what is does is scan all calls for any verbiage pertaining to drugs, violence, weapons, and more. The team at Securus Technologies are working to making the world safer, and this system is already in thousands of jails around this country. With thousands of dedicated employees working for their CEO Rick Smith, we feel this resource will help to tighten things up around our prison.


New Features for Securus

There are many ways in which the Securus company has worked to find the solutions that people in jails and people who have loved ones in jail need. There are many ways that they provide their services and, until this point, it has revolved mainly around communication with the outside world. The company has had a great deal of success with email and phone communication systems along with mail platforms, so it can be easy to see that they would be just as good at branching out to other areas of the communication in jails field.

With the Securus technology-driven information systems. The company is working to find a way to make inmate grievances and forms more streamlined. There will be a much different process for complaints when the Securus system is in place and inmates will not need to question whether their forms have been properly submitted because they know that they will be working through the system. The automated grievance system will ensure that inmates are able to get their needs told to the appropriate avenues and will eliminate the need for a middleman between the inmates and the administrators of the prison. It will be better for all parties.

There are many ways in which the automated grievance system is going to change the jail, but one of the best ways is that it reduces the need for dangerous face-to-face time with the inmates who could become violent with the administrators. There are many ways in which the inmates could cause trouble with the people who run the prisons. By doing everything through an automated system, the administration will not need to worry about the different ways that the inmates could hurt them or cause trouble for the employees of the jail that they are working in.

Why Am I Using Securus To Make Prison Phone Calls?

The Securus app was something I stumbled on when I was looking for something I could use with our nonprofit. I got the go ahead to set up a prison ministry, and I needed a way to reach people in prisons because we are not near any prisons. The Securus app has been the perfect thing for me, and I know that I will be able to use it as much as I want. I have been very happy with it, and I have been happy to share it with others. We should not just be using it in our offices if it can help people.

I am actively telling people about Securus because I learned from PR Newswire that they will be able to use it and get results. There are a lot of people out there who want to see their loved ones who are in jail, and the app that they put on their phones and tablets is going to help them talk face to face. Talking face to face is hard when people cannot visit, and now they can simulate that with the Securus app. I let people do this in my office, and I do it myself when I am calling and checking on people.

Securus America has set up all the technology so that all we have to do is get the app and sign up for the app. It is a very easy product to use, and I have never had any problems. Some things like this get really complex, but I really like this one a lot. It is a lot easier to use, and I have been able to have nice talks with people over the app. It is an app that makes it easy for me to complete my mission and get my ministry going.

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