Fabletics Wows Consumers with Online Journey

Fabletics has been rocking the world of women’s athletic wear since 2013. It is spearheaded by actress and fitness enthusiast, Kate Hudson. When she joined the company, she wanted to be a core member of the team. She is a very hands-on person and says she would never work with a brand that she doesn’t herself personally wear and enjoy. She is definitely a believer in Fabletics. The company has grown over 300% since it was founded and is currently the hottest brand in athletic wear.


Today’s Consumer Holds the Power

Today’s consumer is more educated than ever when making a purchase decision. Consumers have more places to seek out reviews and information than ever and most of that is in the digital space. Where people used to ask a friend or neighbor for advice on a new lawn mower or car, they can now scour the internet for laser-focused reviews from thousands of people. There is a whole market for people who solely review things online.


Because of this high volume of information available, people can be more selective. The selectivity has forced brands to reset the bar for their products and customer journey. Fabletics was lucky in the fact that, as a new company, they had no hurdles of how things used to be done at their company. When parent company, TechStyle Group, and Kate Hudson first launched Fabletics in 2013, they wanted to do things differently. The goal for Fabletics has always been to provide a digital journey for a consumer that is faster, sleeker and more pleasant than any other company in the industry.


The Power of Reviews in Gaining New Customers

Once the purchase experience was completely buttoned up, Fabletics turned to the power of online reviews. The goal was to use the power of the huge crowd of satisfied Fabletics members to gain positive online reviews showcasing the quality that Fabletics has to offer. The company routinely encourages fans to post a review or to share a photo of them wearing Fabletics athletic wear.


In 2016, 74% of people said that after seeing positive user reviews they would take the next step in their purchase journey. Fabletics currently has over 30,000 reviews on review site TrustPilot and the company’s trust score is around an 8.2 out of a possible score of 10. That is not to mention the thousands of reviews on social media and the user-posted images Fabletics members share daily.


The Power of Engagement in Building Repeat Customers

TechStyle has seen a direct correlation in the number of repeat customers after responding to their reviews and incorporating user reviews into their website and marketing campaigns. The company’s social media team engages with people who post a review or who tag Fabletics in a post. This simple engagement builds brand loyalty from the original poster and will help make them a valued repeat customer. Fabletics’ Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, credited the company’s most important performance indicator as the fact that 85% of the company’s sales come from repeat consumers and 17% of new Fabletics consumers are referrals.


Fabletics has a simple LifeStyle Quiz that will help you open the door to all of the great athletic wear the company has to offer. You can find it on the Fabletics website.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Making Beauty Beautiful Again


Once in a while a company comes along that raises the bar on the whole industry. This is the case with Lime Crime. In case you don’t know about Lime Crime, they are a cosmetic company who has bucked the system with their innovative products. The company was founded by Doe Deere who had a large dream and a small amount of seed money. Doe took the hundred dollars out of her purse and created the colorful company Lime Crime. The company started to experience success by giving the makeup buyers when they wanted, colors that are true to life. Up until Doe Deere created Lime Crime, most of the makeup was dull and drab. Makeup was mostly designed for the people who work nine to five jobs and never worry about colors that are fun and colorful. Lime Crime changed that.

Doe Deere created some of the most bold colors that people have ever seen. Lime Crime offers makeup users the ability to allow freedom of expression with their makeup selection. If you need products for the lips, Lime Crime has them. You can get some amazing shades of lipstick and eye colors to match or clash, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that what some people say clashes, Doe Deere can often make match. It all depends on the way you use the Lime Crime products and how you dress up. It’s not always bad to mix up stripes and plaids.

With a mixture of colors and shades in lipsticks like Pumpkin, Pink Velvet, Cement and Mint To Be, what could be more amazing? Okay, I guess the fact that those are currently on sale. Keep in mind that is not the whole line, Lime Crime has many colors that are amazing and fun to wear. You can even select a bundle deal, like the 2 Mood Duo or the Wicked Venus Bundle. You can always see what other Lime Crime fans are doing on places like Instagram too. Just look for #LIMECRIME and be lead to countless other people showing you their personal expression and how they became part of the Lime Crime family.

There is so much to love about Lime Crime and it’s family of products. One thing that is very important is that they all live up to Vegan standards and many have since the company started. The products are also cruelty free and that is something to be proud of.