Professionally Managed Wiki Pages Prevent Unexpected Drama

The capability on Wikipedia for anyone to make Wiki edits of the content of any unlocked page is exactly what makes it the most popular online encyclopedia in the world. However, it can be disconcerting for people who are serious about a particular subject that they moderate Wiki pages about. For instance, professional Irish footballer Robert Brady recently scored the over-time winning goal to put Ireland in over Italy at the Euro 2016 final tournament.
Brady is, understandably, quite exceedingly popular in Ireland right now. In only 2 hours after he won the game against Italy, Robert Brady’s Wikipedia page was visited with over-zealous posts over 100 times. The moderators immediately removed these changes. Here are some of the most interesting comments from random soccer fans that appeared for a while on Brady’s Wiki pages:


  • “Robert” “Jesus christ” “Brady”… He is the closest thing to god that we have on earth and is known for never having to buy a drink in Ireland after scored a f***ing belter against Italy


  • Brady is recognised as a god


  • He is best known for his biography “the bible” detailing his miraculous upbringing and his troubled youth with the roman empire led by emperor comte


  • He is the reason multiple Irish Children born in March 2017 were named Robbie

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