Magnises card is changing the way people party in the big city

What were you doing at the age of 23? Do you know what it takes to live among the elite club in the world? Do you wish to be part of an elite class of lads that live life on the fast lane? If these questions have definite answers, then this article is just for you. While many 23-year-olds were busy nursing hangovers,23 year old, Billy McFarland had created and founded an elite club that was to be attended by the crème de la crème of the society as a whole. Established in the year 2014, Magnises has been created purposely to help you build the Perfect network. The birth of this idea meant that Billy had founded a society of elite millennials where each person receives a black card and parties in New York City penthouse without limits, the parties are held in lavish estates and are attended by the who is who in the city. A majority of the clients that have visited the club are working professionals aged 21years to 35 years old. These professionals specialize in various areas of expertise, from fashion moguls, finance gurus, and tech entrepreneurs on Crunchbase. The list of prominent people that visit the places is huge and with a huge customer base of 12,000 people and still growing it only goes to show you how fine being an associate in one of these clubs is an excellent idea.

What then are the perks or having this card? By flashing your Magnises card, you can automatically qualify for a discount at restaurants, bars or clubs. You can also be sure that if you produce your card on reserve experiences like private concerts and luxurious getaways that no one will dare stop you from attending the function at hand. By using the personalized black card, the private club is surefire to give young professionals access exclusive events and deals in some of the biggest cities on the east coast and most particularly in New York City. The fact that Magnises black card that gives you access can be linked to your bank or credit card for payment purposes makes this card very fundamental hence the need to get one.

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Just recently, New York-based Magnises member had the privilege of accessing the co-working facilities at Alley, and for just $99 per month, one would get these corporate offices. At a time when the Normal working space can cost an upward of $500 a month, getting one at $99 is one of the perks that comes with using this black card. This new membership feature of Magnises that has been added to the inventory can now be termed as WorkPass. There are other different packages offered once one acquires his or her card. The packages come in handy as some offer you the client the privilege of visiting some of the most exclusive hotels and nightclubs in the city.

In conclusion, the Magnises card is the key to your membership as each card is personalized and gives you access to member only benefits and experiences that money can buy. If you are looking to party like the kings, then this is the card that you need to have as it’s not only safe but very convenient to use. Source: