Fabletics Wows Consumers with Online Journey

Fabletics has been rocking the world of women’s athletic wear since 2013. It is spearheaded by actress and fitness enthusiast, Kate Hudson. When she joined the company, she wanted to be a core member of the team. She is a very hands-on person and says she would never work with a brand that she doesn’t herself personally wear and enjoy. She is definitely a believer in Fabletics. The company has grown over 300% since it was founded and is currently the hottest brand in athletic wear.


Today’s Consumer Holds the Power

Today’s consumer is more educated than ever when making a purchase decision. Consumers have more places to seek out reviews and information than ever and most of that is in the digital space. Where people used to ask a friend or neighbor for advice on a new lawn mower or car, they can now scour the internet for laser-focused reviews from thousands of people. There is a whole market for people who solely review things online.


Because of this high volume of information available, people can be more selective. The selectivity has forced brands to reset the bar for their products and customer journey. Fabletics was lucky in the fact that, as a new company, they had no hurdles of how things used to be done at their company. When parent company, TechStyle Group, and Kate Hudson first launched Fabletics in 2013, they wanted to do things differently. The goal for Fabletics has always been to provide a digital journey for a consumer that is faster, sleeker and more pleasant than any other company in the industry.


The Power of Reviews in Gaining New Customers

Once the purchase experience was completely buttoned up, Fabletics turned to the power of online reviews. The goal was to use the power of the huge crowd of satisfied Fabletics members to gain positive online reviews showcasing the quality that Fabletics has to offer. The company routinely encourages fans to post a review or to share a photo of them wearing Fabletics athletic wear.


In 2016, 74% of people said that after seeing positive user reviews they would take the next step in their purchase journey. Fabletics currently has over 30,000 reviews on review site TrustPilot and the company’s trust score is around an 8.2 out of a possible score of 10. That is not to mention the thousands of reviews on social media and the user-posted images Fabletics members share daily.


The Power of Engagement in Building Repeat Customers

TechStyle has seen a direct correlation in the number of repeat customers after responding to their reviews and incorporating user reviews into their website and marketing campaigns. The company’s social media team engages with people who post a review or who tag Fabletics in a post. This simple engagement builds brand loyalty from the original poster and will help make them a valued repeat customer. Fabletics’ Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, credited the company’s most important performance indicator as the fact that 85% of the company’s sales come from repeat consumers and 17% of new Fabletics consumers are referrals.


Fabletics has a simple LifeStyle Quiz that will help you open the door to all of the great athletic wear the company has to offer. You can find it on the Fabletics website.

Eric Lefkofsky and his Philanthropic work

Whenever people who have donated quite some money toward cancer research are being mentioned, Eric Lefkofsky’s name can never go untouched. The iconic figure is reported to have donated millions of US Dollars to help the modern health institutions in undertaking activities related to cancer research. Currently, Eric Lefkofsky is among the few people who are ready to dive into the projects aimed at coming up with new ideas that would lead to bringing cancer under human control.

The Tempus

The former Groupon Chief Executive Officer, Eric Lefkofsky is now focusing his efforts and skills on supporting Tempus. Tempus is a modern Health-Tech startup that is currently working on modern equipment that would help to modernize cancer treatment. Eric Lefkofsky’s interest in working with Tempus is based on the fact that his loved one was at some point diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he has gained interest in becoming one of the people who would be remembered to have found various cancer solutions. Eric Lefkofsky, being the core founder of Tempus Health, Inc, is now being recognized by the shareholders as the President of the Modern Lab.

Duties of Tempus Health, Inc

One of the primary duties of Tempus is to help the doctors make informed decisions while handling cancer patients. Through the modern technology, medical practitioners can trace the patient’s genetic code based on the molecular therapies. With such kinds of services, doctors will holistically handle patient’s complications as they have all the required information. Tempus is making it possible to work based on medical facts rather than mere speculations hence improving the healthcare services for patients diagnosed with cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky has gained major reputations both as the CEO of Groupon and now the president of Tempus, Inc. The forty-eight years old is working tirelessly to ensure that his success becomes the saving grace of millions of cancer patients who are looking forward to enhanced medication. It is reported that already there are significant improvements; though the great work is still on. Through his dedication and Philanthropic work, Eric has cut himself a great name as one of the best personalities across the globe.

Betsy Devos Financial Support and Philanthropic Achievements

Betsy DeVos is a successful businesswoman who now serves as the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States of America. She serves as a member of Republican Party and overly known for her support of school voucher programs, charter schools, and school choice. Between 1992 and 1997, Betsy served as a committeewoman for Republican National. Further, she served as a chairperson between 1996 and 2000 for Michigan Republic Party. Betsy has served as an advocate for Detroit charter school system and is now a board member of Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Betsy is legally married to Dick DeVos, the former chief executive officer at Amway MLM Company. In 2016, DeVos family was ranked among the richest families in the United States of America in the 88th place with a net worth of $5.4 billion. DeVos was born in 1958 and brought up in Holland, Michigan. She attended Holland Christian High School and later attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she majored in business economics and graduated in 1979. During her time in college, DeVos was fully involved in campus politics.


For the record, DeVos personally raised an excess of $150,000 in 2004 Bush re-election campaign. In 2008, she hosted a Republican fundraiser at her home. She served as the chairperson in finance during Bush’s time and collaborated with his administration on several other projects. For decades, DeVos family has actively participated in politics by supporting the candidates through donations.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one of the successful philanthropy platforms that was first launched in 1989. This foundation is exceptionally committed to cultivating and leveraging support in various areas that include arts, justice, community, leadership, and education. This organization collected $139 million through charity in 2015 and concurrently ranked in the 24th place as a top giver in America. DeVos foundation has channeled much of its resources to health research, hospitals, evangelical missions, free-market think tanks, conservatives, and arts organizations.


In 2004, DeVos was officially appointed by Bush to serve as a board of director at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Together with her husband, they funded the center to teach the board of directors and arts managers how to fundraise. The couple also donated $22.5 million in 2010 to further the teaching program which was then called DeVos Institute of Arts Management.


Betsy equally funded ArtPrize which was first established in 2009 by her son Rick DeVos in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to Betsy, changing the approach to education is one way of “advancing God’s Kingdom.” For this reason, she insists that both charter and public schools should come up with financial aid programs to open up to more students. She advocates for a wider choice of schools by opening up the education market.


To learn more, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

Why Our Prison Needs to Work with Securus Technologies

Although me and my fellow corrections officers have numerous resources at our disposal to keep everyone safe behind these prison walls, we are always on the hunt for any way to keep the inmates from hurting themselves, other inmates, visitors, staff, and my fellow officers.


The life of a corrections officer is dangerous to say the least, but if you approach each day with laser focus and make use of all those resources, you can get through the day safely.


One of the resources we use daily are the drug-sniffing dogs. These canines will enter a cell and locate items the inmates are trying to hide from us. Many times these items are in plain sight, but the dogs have little trouble being able to spot them and alert my team so we can get those items out of circulation. Whether drugs or weapons, these items pose a serious threat once in the hands of the inmates.


We utilize large body scanners in the visitor center to make sure nothing is coming in that the inmates can make use of. We not only run the visitors through these scanners, we make sure the inmates pass through before they go back to their cells. We used to monitor calls the inmates made, but the latest resource may have turned out to be the most valuable of them all.


Securus Technologies provided our facility with a new inmate call monitoring system, and what is does is scan all calls for any verbiage pertaining to drugs, violence, weapons, and more. The team at Securus Technologies are working to making the world safer, and this system is already in thousands of jails around this country. With thousands of dedicated employees working for their CEO Rick Smith, we feel this resource will help to tighten things up around our prison.


Mike Heiligenstein Contribution at the Williamson County Growth Summit

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of a Texas-based independent government agency. Mike has been working at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its inception in 2002. He also holds the executive position as the President of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. His involvement in the environmental and public infrastructure has earned him membership in Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Taskforce and the Texas A &M Transportation Institute Advisory Board.

Public Service Career

He has had a successful public career for the 23 years that he served as a public official in the Round Rock and Williamson Counties. Mike Heiligenstein involvement in the implementation of program and projects saw him supervise capital improvement projects of over $500 million. He also contributed significantly to the change of the transport sector in Central Texas through his $350 million transportation initiative.

Mike Heiligenstein Role at Regional Mobility

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority started its operations in 2003 after the board named Mike Heiligenstein as the leader of the agency. The aim of the company includes the development of modern and regional transport system that will meet the needs of Central Texas residents. Currently, Mike Heiligenstein has overseen completion of the 183A in Williamson County. This is their first project that aimed at introducing modern electronic and cashless toll collection. Among other achievements of Mobile Authority includes the 290 Toll project and the Mopac Express Lanes. They also intend to study other expressways in Central Texas Region through collaborations with various regional transport companies.

Mr. Heiligenstein Contributions at the Summit

Austin Business Journal held the 19th year Williamson County Growth Summit to discuss the transportation challenges facing the suburban communities. They also discussed the effects of technology to the transportation industry in Austin area. The transit discussion brought together four panelists from different transport sectors including Jared Ficklin, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kosper, and Mike Heiligenstein. In the debate, Mr. Heiligenstein highlighted that Austin needed to build smarter and more efficient roads especially in the suburbs where there is a tremendous increase in population. On the topic of the driverless cars, Mike Heiligenstein sighted that the process of adoption may be slow and tedious than anticipated.

John from Uber Technologies advocated for the creation of subsidies that would cover the first and the last mile that every commuter has to walk to get to a bus stop. Additionally, Mr. Ficklin emphasized that the policy makers need to be flexible on the buildings and land-use codes, which are bound to change with the increase of the autonomous vehicles in future.

Learn more:


Grab Amazing Sapphire Engagement Rings at Affordable Prices Today!

Over the past few years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of customers choosing sapphire engagement rings. This is a trend that began even before Duchess of Cambridge got engaged to William with a sapphire ring as the main engagement gift. Sapphire is a product formed from corundum mineral. Being a hard gemstone, sapphire is well suited to withstand both wear and tear that most engagement rings tend to be subjected to. Compared to other ring gemstones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies, sapphire is attractively priced and this fact has contributed to it being popular among many women.

In comparison to diamonds, sapphire rings are unusually certified. Furthermore, the certified sapphires are not ranked in accordance to universally accepted criteria for gravity, color, cut and clarity like the diamonds.

Unique Features

Not different from other gemstones, sapphire sizes are expressed in carats weight terms that; is one carat equals to half a gram. It is important to note that sapphire is denser than diamond and this therefore justifies the fact that they tend to be smaller than diamond the same weight. Cost is also another vital factor to consider. Normally, the value of sapphire increases exponentially with the size. Despite the fact that most sapphires are available in blue, there are also other color ranges including pink, green, orange, yellow and purple. Most clients prefer peacock blue or rich royal blue shade that looks attractive under different light sources. In bright daylight, pale stones might look washed out. On the other hand, under weaker light, very dark sapphires perform less well. It is also crucial to consider color hue. Some customers prefer dominant blue with violet hints among others. More often sapphires are well cut so that zoning is invisible when viewing the stone from above. Herein is one company that produces high quality sapphire rings.

Successful Firm in the Industry

Since inception in 1993, The Natural Sapphire Company has continued to produce untreated, natural sapphire stones and quality jewelry. This firm sources only socially and environmentally produced sapphires. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of sapphire rings on its collection thus giving clients a good opportunity to choose those that impress them more.

IT Staffing Is Done The Right Way With John Goullet

John Goullet has helped build a great IT staffing company together with Gene Waddy called Diversant, LLC. Goullet is the executive principal of this company and helps guide its business strategy. Diversant, LLC is built on the idea of promoting diversity within the IT workforce, and with the combination of ideas from Goullet and Waddy this company has been able to grow into many new markets. Hiring the right candidates can be time-consuming for many companies, and likewise providing the right resume and tackling the interview can be daunting for new candidates. So Goullet’s company helps bridge the gap between the two parties.

Before Diversant was formed, Goullet was the founder and CEO of Info Technologies. He has a degree from Ursinus College and served for a few years as a computer consultant to companies like the Computer Sciences Corporation and the Constell Group. He became interested in helping these companies find more qualified workers, so he changed his career to IT staffing. He began his company, Info Technologies without much capital, but within five years he grew its net worth to $30 million. Info Technologies had become quite reputable that it got cited twice in INC Magazine as one of the fastest-growing fortune 500 companies.

Goullet and Waddy decided to merge companies in 2010, and soon Diversant began to open up offices all across the US. Diversant has reached out to the local communities in New York and New Jersey including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Harlem Business Alliance, and others. They’ve also started scholarship programs for charter schools, including the Marion P. Thomas Charter School. Diversant is committed to bringing new workers in through higher education, and even providing former military members a transitional program for when they retire to civilian life. Diversant also has other employee benefits including tuition reimbursement and green card programs.


How John Goullet Improves IT Services through DIVERSANT LLC


Magnises card is changing the way people party in the big city

What were you doing at the age of 23? Do you know what it takes to live among the elite club in the world? Do you wish to be part of an elite class of lads that live life on the fast lane? If these questions have definite answers, then this article is just for you. While many 23-year-olds were busy nursing hangovers,23 year old, Billy McFarland had created and founded an elite club that was to be attended by the crème de la crème of the society as a whole. Established in the year 2014, Magnises has been created purposely to help you build the Perfect network. The birth of this idea meant that Billy had founded a society of elite millennials where each person receives a black card and parties in New York City penthouse without limits, the parties are held in lavish estates and are attended by the who is who in the city. A majority of the clients that have visited the club are working professionals aged 21years to 35 years old. These professionals specialize in various areas of expertise, from fashion moguls, finance gurus, and tech entrepreneurs on Crunchbase. The list of prominent people that visit the places is huge and with a huge customer base of 12,000 people and still growing it only goes to show you how fine being an associate in one of these clubs is an excellent idea.

What then are the perks or having this card? By flashing your Magnises card, you can automatically qualify for a discount at restaurants, bars or clubs. You can also be sure that if you produce your card on reserve experiences like private concerts and luxurious getaways that no one will dare stop you from attending the function at hand. By using the personalized black card, the private club is surefire to give young professionals access exclusive events and deals in some of the biggest cities on the east coast and most particularly in New York City. The fact that Magnises black card that gives you access can be linked to your bank or credit card for payment purposes makes this card very fundamental hence the need to get one.

Read more: Why a 23-Year-Old Founder Created a ‘Black Card’ for Millennials

Just recently, New York-based Magnises member had the privilege of accessing the co-working facilities at Alley, and for just $99 per month, one would get these corporate offices. At a time when the Normal working space can cost an upward of $500 a month, getting one at $99 is one of the perks that comes with using this black card. This new membership feature of Magnises that has been added to the inventory can now be termed as WorkPass. There are other different packages offered once one acquires his or her card. The packages come in handy as some offer you the client the privilege of visiting some of the most exclusive hotels and nightclubs in the city.

In conclusion, the Magnises card is the key to your membership as each card is personalized and gives you access to member only benefits and experiences that money can buy. If you are looking to party like the kings, then this is the card that you need to have as it’s not only safe but very convenient to use. Source: http://elitedaily.com/money/magnises-millennials-build-network/1236220/

WEN by Chaz For The Best In Total Haircare

Taking good care of your hair doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to treat it correctly. Over washing your hair can do more damage than not washing it enough as it tends to strip the moisture away from the scalp. Unfortunately many brands have chemicals that are harmful to hair. Dyes may give you a certain color, but dyes will dry out the follicles and scalp with long time use. Just taking a more logical approach is the best way to go and WEN by Chaz haircare products are some of the best on the market.

WEN by Chaz was founded by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. Living a healthy lifestyle is what he lives by and treating the hair with natural ingredients has become his success. Chaz Dean not only provides great service, but he also advices those of how to treat and maintain their hair for the best results. Mr. Dean preaches his word in an affect to give his clients/customers the proper knowledge of healthy haircare. The WEN by Chaz products doesn’t use shampoos because of their moisture stripping capabilities and drying effects. Rather these products are cleansing conditioners instead which lacks the use of bleach, sodium laurel sulfate, or other additive chemicals.

One of the brand’s best products is the QVC advertised WEN Deluxe Kit. This kit is a 5-in-1 product thoroughly cleanses the hair without the use of any damaging sulfates. Now you’ll receive a treatment that naturally detangles, moisturizes, strengthens, and heals. It’s pure genius of how the formula works and once you personally try it out for yourself, you’ll began to see why WEN by Chaz is the top product on the market. Taking your haircare health back and to another level with WEN by Chaz won’t leave  Check out the Wen YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare) and Facebook page for more information.

Your Path to Home Ownership in Dallas

In Dallas, Texas, an unusual program is paving the way for increased home ownership. Nexbank, a very popular online banking institution is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a provider of nonprofit mortgage services, in a project to help people get their own homes. Habitat for Humanity is also involved, and the goal is to offer 100 or more loans per year over the next several years for low-income families in the area.

Nexbank is planning to provide up to $50 million in the way of loans which will be utilized for the purpose of helping low-income homeowners get funding for new homes. Nexbank has also pledged to cover closing costs and title fees up to a limit of $2,000 for each individual loan.

The head of Habitat for Humanity, Mark Tribuna, said recently, “We are very grateful to Nextbank, as they are providing a great service to us and to our customers.” Tribuna went on to say that the need for medium and low range housing in the Dallas, Fort Worth areas is very large and that the joint effort is really going to pay off for the families, and the Dallas and Fort Worth communities in a big way.

The three pillars of financial security offered by Nexbank are Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Of course, the mortgage department of Nexbank is what interests homeowners the most. With fair terms and aggressive wholesaling measures, Nexbank stands out in the banking community as one of the up and coming, and most popular banks.

The online department has made great strides in assisting clients to be handled effortlessly by customers who do not even have to go out of their house of office in order to transact their popular banking business online.

Nexbank is a rapidly growing and popular banking system with $3.5 billion in assets. Much of its business is online, yet it still has branch offices where people can bank the “old fashioned” way.

Providing commercial, mortgage and investment banking with great versatility and professionalism. This gives a “double world” effective way of approaching the problem of having to pick a perfect house. Simply use the part of the house in cold weather as it fits your lifestyle, and you cannot miss.