Madison Street Capital: A Finalist For The M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor has recently been running a contest for the 15th annual M&A Advisor awards. The most recent announcement was that Madison Street Capital is one of the finalists for the contest. When it comes to investment banking and financial advice, Madison Street Capital has not only provided some great service to its clients, but it has also provided award winning services that is getting them recognized. One good thing about these awards is that it not only grants the business recognition, but also helps people find a trustworthy investment bank in Madison Street Capital. As a result, Madison becomes more profitable.

Madison Street is gaining recognition in the financial industry. Among the things they do is advise their clients on financial decisions so that they can walk away with more profits. The funny thing about finances is that it often takes one bad decision in order for someone to lose a lot of money. This is why it is important for people to have an adviser. With an adviser, people will not only learn to not pay for what they can’t afford, but they will also be directed to where they can increase their finances. If there is a common theme among successful people, it is that they know how to put their money to work.

Among the things that Madison Street Capital is recognized for is the facilitating of the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados. Madison Street Capital has also been involved in philanthropic activities which include providing disaster relief to victims of natural disasters. Therefore, Madison Street Capital is one of the most trustworthy and generous companies. One thing that Madison Street Capital is based around is generosity. This is one motivating factor behind the success of the investment bank. As of right now, it remains to be seen whether Madison Street Capital wins the award or not.
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ClassDojo App Nominated For Award

Fast Company the Technology Magazine has selected ClassDojo as one of its finalists for a prestigious award. The award is the Innovation by Design Award for the year 2016. Its purpose is to honor the company or product that creates an innovative and unique design that in some way disrupts our usual way of thinking about an established business problem. The herd of applicants was very large in the beginning. A total of 1,700 companies selected themselves for entry into the competition but out of only a handful ClassDojo rose to the top. Applicants came from 41 countries in all. This year is the most competitive pool of applicants yet.

The unique thing about ClassDojo is that it was a School Story feature and a Class Story feature. It can help teachers, parents and students to communicate with each other. Moments can be shared through the app that create engagement between everyone involved. ClassDojo is an amazing educational communication platform like nothing the world has yet seen. When a student chooses to share a story is uploaded into the cloud in real time and it can be viewed by the students no matter where they are so long as they have access to any desktop PC or mobile device.

One of Class Dojo’s talented designers, Monica Harvancik, says that there was a demand for a way to better connect parents to their children and the classroom teacher by creating a sense of shared community. Parents desire to be a part of their children’s special moments as much as possible and it creates a feeling of collaborative teamwork when they use ClassDojo. It only takes a few seconds for photos to be loaded into the stream and parents can use this to reinforce what their child learned in school. The Class Story feature of the app was well designed to make all of this happen as smoothly as possible. Monica said she felt honored that Fast Company had chosen to honor her team with a nomination for the prestigious award. She looks forward to innovating new ways to help students, parents, and teachers empower themselves for the learning process.

ClassDojo is a company that is fulfilling an urgent need. In 2 out of 3 schools in the US ClassDojo is already in use. It is an app with a global presence in nearly 200 countries all over the world and it aims to create a positive culture at schools and in classrooms.

Lip Balm Can Really Help

Any good beauty regimen will include many kinds of steps designed to help a woman get the look she wants. An integral part of any look are the right kind of lip products. Lips that are silky smooth are lips that will help any woman look and feel her best as she goes through her daily routine. Finding the right products can take time. A woman may experiment until she finds one that fits her needs well. This can be particularly true of the woman who has problems with lips that are chapped and hurting. When she has chapped lips, it can be hard to put on any other kind of beauty product so she can look and feel her best. This is where a really great lip balm can be of true help.
Evolution Of Smooth For Comfort

One of the best products on the market right now are the lip balm products that are offered by Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth or EOS is a company (check out Linked In) that offers products that are ideal for the needs of any woman who has specific help in creating a new look. She can also turn to these products for help in healing her lips and getting the kind of smooth look that can be an important part of any given beauty routine. The items offered by EOS are useful for a woman who needs to be able to pick from various shades to help her match the outfit she has in mind. Such shades can help add a subtle change of color to any woman’s look and bring out her other features such as her eyes or the color of her hair. In this way, the lip balm can be a true part of her daily routine helping keep her lips in good shape. EOS products are available on Walmart or at


Eucatex, an Environmental Stewardship Juggernaut For Success

Technology, education and the environment are just a few of the subjects important to Flavio Maluf. Impacting students through technology integration into the classroom, creating the largest pharmaceutical laboratory in the world through a merger with Pfizer and producing quality furniture made from renewable sources with his company, Eucatex, are all examples of Flavio Maluf’s extraordinary impact and global reach. Few could achieve the feats of Flavio Maluf which reflect his diverse background as a businessman, mechanical engineer and scholar.

Brazil is a beloved vacation spot enjoyed from patrons around the world, home to a fierce tradition of highly skilled and competitive soccer and a key resource for our environment in it’s vast quantities of forest. Flavio Maluf is a staunch promoter of the environment and it speaks through the policies of his company Eucatex who only build furniture using clean renewable sources. Eucatex reflects Flavio Maluf’s belief in ethics, transparency and sustainability as Eucatex has even taken a step of incorporating an Ethics channel to ensure accountability toward Eucatex’s governing in regard to the environment. No other company in Brazil or even elsewhere in the world has taken such an innovative step in recent years.

Eucatex is a shining example of a company going in the right direction due to the influence of a leader who cares. Social performance monitoring, a recycling program, socio-environmental actions and environmental policy are just a few of the ways president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, has taken his company to the next level as an innovator in environment stewardship. Read more about Flavio’s new iniatives on his official website.