Sam Tabar Joins FullCycle Energy Fund as Head Financial Strategist

Sam Tabar was named the new Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. At his new position, he will be tasked with coming up with excellent fund management strategy that ensures growth and development. The fund was created back in 2013 to help convert costly environment-polluting fuels into clean and valuable fuel that can power communities globally. The mission of the company is to come up with eco-friendly fuels that are derived from municipal solid waste.

Speaking after being announced as the new FullCycle Energy Fund COO, Tabar said that he was deeply honored and excited to assume his new role. He said that he was looking forward to forming strong partnerships with the fund’s senior management team. He added that such partnerships will allow the team to deliver on its mission of migrating from high cost fuels that pollute the environment to low cost alternatives that are environmentally friendly.

Tabar has a wealth of experience and knowledge in coming up with effective budgeting strategies for financial institutions. He hopes that this experience will guide him in his new role at FullCycle Energy Fund. He was once the head capital strategist for Merrill Lynch Bank in America. At the bank, he was instrumental is providing fund managers with excellent introductions to various institutional investors like pension funds, funds of funds, endowments, foundations and family offices.

Before joining Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar worked at Sparx Group (PMA) as the co-Head of marketing. Sparx Group is Asia Pacific’s largest independent fund. At the fund, he managed its global marketing effort.

As the icing on the cake, this highly effective financial strategist is also a lawyer. Before joining the financial world, Tabar worked as a lawyer at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. He also worked at another law firm called Schulte, Roth & Zabel. He got his Masters of Law after graduating from the Columbia Law School. He also holds an Oxford University degree in Arts (with honors). While at Columbia Law School, he edited its Business Law Journal. Today, he is a New York State Bar member as well as an investor at Tribute and SheThinx, two companies that are currently doing quite well.  Be sure to see Sam’s full list of accomplishments on

The Beauty of Lime Crime and Its Creator


Lime Crime is a highly popular makeup brand that was created in 2008 by a lady from Russia by the name of Doe Deere. The Lime Crime company prides themselves in knowing that their products are 100% cruelty free and that they are now completely vegan. This means that Lime Crime products do not come into contact with animals when they are being tested and that animal products are not used in the making of Lime Crime products. Another thing that Lime Crime prides themselves in knowing is that their cosmetic line is all about feeling confident and going bold with makeup. For example, one of their lip products come in a very vibrant orange shade, which is something that most people are terrified to wear. However, more people are beginning to step out of their comfort zones and rock these bold shades. In addition to the lip products, Lime Crime also makes vibrant eye shadow palettes and eyeliners.
As mentioned before, Doe Deere is the creator of the cosmetic line Lime Crime. She was born in Russia, but she was raised in New York. Ever since she was little, she was obsessed with makeup. Doe Deere believed that makeup was much more than a way to conceal what society calls imperfections. However, it was a way to express yourself and to wear what makes you the happiest and most comfortable in your skin.
Whenever she was a little older, she began to experiment with bold hair colors and makeup choices. People would always say that they loved her makeup and that they wish that they were confident enough to play around with bold colors. As a result, Doe Deere set out on a mission to create something for women and men who wanted to go bold and not care what society thinks of them. She believes that makeup is a form of artistic and self expression, so she wanted to create a line of makeup that provided the tools to do exactly that. Lime Crime, which is what she named her line of bold makeup, became very popular very quickly. It even gained much international attention, which she was very thrilled about. Doe Deere is still creating products for her line today. She says that she has been inspired greatly by everyone who has helped her line become a great success and that she absolutely loves knowing that she is giving people newly found confidence to wear whatever they want and not care about what other people think.

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Crystal Hunt, Transitioning to Major Grown Up Stardom

Not many child stars make the transition into a major career as a grown up working actor. Yet there are exceptions to the rule, and right now it looks as if Crystal Hunt, the former teen soap opera star turned actress and producer, is one of them.

An Early Start in Show Business

Crystal began her career early, with appearances in pageants when she was just a two year old toddler. Her engaging personality and beauty caught the eye of casting agents, however, and soon Crystal was working in commercials regularly. She appeared as a small child in an ad for The Walt Disney Company’s 25th Anniversary celebration, as well as many others.

A Young Soap Star

From commercials Crystal parlayed her way into soap operas, and she achieved stardom in the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS Network soap, “Guiding Light,” where she appeared from 2003 until 2006. Along the way she garnered a Daytime Emmy nomination as Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. She followed this role with several appearances on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” where she appeared from 2009 until 2012.

Film Roles

Along with her numerous television roles, Crystal also began a film career as a child, appearing in films like “The Derby Stallion” and Universal Pictures’ production of Sydney White. More recently, however, she has come back to films as a grown up actress, playing a key role in “Magic Mike XXL” in 2015, co-starring with Channing Tatum in the male stripper comedy/drama. She also served as producer on “Talbot County” in 2015.

Even as Crystal’s grownup roles in films have continued, she is also back in the soaps. Crystal was one of several former soap stars who joined in on the engaging soap/reality series “Queens of Drama” on the POP Network in 2015. Crystal co-starred with Donna Mills, among others, in the well reviewed series.

As Crystal Hunt continues her career reinvention, it’s clear that her Facebook fans have many great roles and performances to look forward to.

The Legacy of Kevin Seawright in Newark City

A legacy refers to the reputation and ideologies one leaves behind when they depart this earth. It lives on for decades after death and also informs future generations of the kind of person one was. It’s, therefore, important to shape our legacies to the desired memories of us that we want people to have.

Kevin Seawright has cemented his legacy as a revolutionary, forward thinker and social entrepreneur in Newark City, New Jersey. He possesses about a decade of experience serving in the public sector especially education and recreation. A few years ago, his talents were noticed by the Newark Economic and Development Corporation.

The Newark CEDC implements all development projects aimed at improving the economic wellness of the community. Mr. Seawright takes charge of all financial matters as the Chief Financial Officer and the executive vice president. He has also brought in a youthful addition to the administrative structure of the corporation. In fact, he pushes the youth agenda within the programs initiated by the group.

One of the youth-centered flagship projects includes a summer employment aimed at empowering college students with practical career and life skills. The program reserves a paid for six-week job placement for Newark’s college students upon successful application. Kevin mobilizes his networks in the Newark corporate world to avail in excess 3000 vacancies every summer.

Kevin acknowledges the need to equip college students with practical and relevant skills to keep them up to the task for modern corporate demands. Furthermore, young professionals need financial literacy and management skills to enable them to take charge of their lives and investments. Local banking institutions such as TD Bank and Santander offered to provide financial management training to these graduates. Kevin Seawright felt content with the progress the program had made since inception, as he told LocalTalkNews.

This year, the Newark CEDC decided to cut on costs of processing applications by launching an online application platform. The new platform allows the applicants to send in their letters in the least time possible. The processing time has also reduced drastically allowing the group to respond in due course. This year, over 3,500 college students will join their job stations starting in July up to mid-August.

The entire community remains optimistic it can contribute to wholesome graduates in the job market and their increased productivity. All these factors will eventually create a booming economy in Newark in the next decades. Kevin Seawright’s legacy will live on through these graduates, well beyond his already impressive Vizualize history.

Brad Reifler Gives Investment Tips

In a rare investment article targeted to the potential investor who does not have millions of dollars in the bank to play with in the stock market, Reuters shares some investment tips courtesy of Brad Reifler. Perhaps one of the most important tips that Reifler offers up is that investors should be absolutely certain of where their money is being directed and what are the precise risks associated with that particular investment. It just not prudent to turn over control of your money without a clear understanding of exactly how it is being invested and whether that is the best path towards growth and financial return. Reifler suggests on social media that it is supremely important to be familiar with the investment vehicle you are using and to educate yourself rather than simply investing blindly without the proper due diligence.

Reifler’s investment advice is widely sought after by clients all over the world. Since 1982 when he first launched an independent career in wealth management and investment advising, Reifler has been a leading force in the industry. He is the current CEO of Forefront Capital, which he also founded in 2009 as a boutique wealth management and investment firm. Before his current company, he founded Pali Capital. Under Reifler’s exemplary leadership and cutting-edge vision, Pali Capital grew at an unprecedented rate and grew to be widely respected in the industry. Reifler has a unique ability to be able to surround himself with highly talented individuals in cultivate the very best results from his team of advisors. Reifler’s many clients are the ones who truly benefit from his valuable skills and remain loyal followers of Reifler for his ability to generate substantial returns while exposing them to the minimum risk possible. At Forefront Capital, Reifler’s teams are some of the most talented and experienced advisers in the industry.  His website has the full story.

Charles Koch And His Letter That Guides Him

Charles Koch met with ABC News and discussed his personal story and the values that have informed both his political activities and his business career activities.

Koch discussed a letter that he has framed in his office. The letter was left by his father, who outlined the approach that Charles and his brothers should take in regards to the family fortune that was left to them.

Koch talked about how his father wouldn’t be happy at the fact that most of his siblings were split apart as a result of a feud. He also said that the letter has guided him in business.

Charles Koch is a businessman and he is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Charles and his brother, David, runs one of the largest privately held companies in the world. As of now, Koch resides in Wichita, Kansas, which is where he was born. Koch received his education at MIT in Massachusetts, and ge graduated with a BA of Science in general engineering back in 1957. He also holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and in chemical engineering.

Koch is the chairman of Koch Industries, which is a multinational company with many subsidiaries. The company was started back in 1940, and some of the companies that Koch runs includes Matador Cattle Company, Koch Pipeline, Koch Minerals and Koch Trading & Supply to name a few.

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Argentina Has A New Leader And A New Bond Offering According To Highland Capital Management CEO James Dondero

Argentina, the fourth largest economy in Latin America, has defaulted on its bond debt eight times, through the years according to investment advisor and CEO of Dallas-Based Highland Capital Management. Dondero is familiar with Argentina, and he is also familiar with the reasons Argentina defaulted on its debt. Years of political mismanagement turned the once thriving economic powerhouse into an outlaw on the international bond market. Highland Capital Management has an office in Sao Paulo, so the South American investment market has been a fruitful profit center for several years. James Dondero wanted and did participate in the debt restructuring before other hedge funds decided to buy debt bonds. In 2014, Highland Capital bought $4 billion in debt bonds. That was before President Christina de Kirchner left office.

When Mauricio Marci ousted de Kirchner in the general elections in November 2015, Dondero knew he did the right thing. Marci is a breath of political fresh air in Argentina. One of his first things Marci did at the beginning of 2016 was to reorganize the central bank, and then he reorganized his finance ministry. Marci also met with the four hedge funds that held the notes on the bonds de Kirchner decided not to honor. Dondero viewed Marci’s actions as positive signs, and he recently told that Highland Capital would buy a major chunk of the $12 billion new bond offering in 2016.

Dondero also thought President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Argentina signaled a new beginning between the United States and Argentina. The heated legal battle between the four hedge fund companies and Argentina seem to be resolved, and that opened the door for a new bond offering. Highland Capital Management currently has more than $19 billion in assets under management and the new Argentina bond offering will help the company solidify its presence in South America during the current economic downturn.

Highland Capital plans to hold the original $4 billion in notes because the return on that investment has been a little better than expected. The new bonds should yield somewhere between 7.5 and 8.1 percent, and the bonds will have a 5, 10 and 30-year maturity. The government of Argentina will issue the bonds according to New York law. According to an article published by, Highland Capital is expected to be one of the biggest winners when a New York judge lifts the ban that prevented Argentina from paying its restructured debt. The article also said Highland Capital has earned an annualized return of more than 20 percent on the 2033 bonds Dondero purchased in 2014.

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Offering Help To Students In Need

A new scholarship for those who have a desire to work in business has recently been created by Keith Mann. It’s the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. One high school senior each year will receive the scholarship. Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York in the hopes of promoting the award. Counselors are grateful to Mann for offering the scholarship to students who want to further their education but might not be able to do so without some kind of assistance.

There is a requirement for those who want to try to get the award. Each person must write an essay that is at least 1,000 words. The essay should be about how going to college and earning a degree will help in a career. Keith Mann is one who wants to see students succeed. He desires to have strong leaders in the country. In order to have strong business leaders, students need a way to attend college. The scholarship is aimed at helping low-income students have a way to get the degree that they desire. Students who attend the Uncommon Charter School in New York are allowed apply. The scholarship is worth $5,000.

Keith Mann is seen as a leader in hedge fund businesses. He has started several practices in the Dynamics Executive Search. Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners and helps others succeed in their business goals. He often works with Uncommon Schools and the students who attend, making sure they have a way to have the career that they desire.

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