Mike Heiligenstein Contribution at the Williamson County Growth Summit

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of a Texas-based independent government agency. Mike has been working at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its inception in 2002. He also holds the executive position as the President of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. His involvement in the environmental and public infrastructure has earned him membership in Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Taskforce and the Texas A &M Transportation Institute Advisory Board.

Public Service Career

He has had a successful public career for the 23 years that he served as a public official in the Round Rock and Williamson Counties. Mike Heiligenstein involvement in the implementation of program and projects saw him supervise capital improvement projects of over $500 million. He also contributed significantly to the change of the transport sector in Central Texas through his $350 million transportation initiative.

Mike Heiligenstein Role at Regional Mobility

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority started its operations in 2003 after the board named Mike Heiligenstein as the leader of the agency. The aim of the company includes the development of modern and regional transport system that will meet the needs of Central Texas residents. Currently, Mike Heiligenstein has overseen completion of the 183A in Williamson County. This is their first project that aimed at introducing modern electronic and cashless toll collection. Among other achievements of Mobile Authority includes the 290 Toll project and the Mopac Express Lanes. They also intend to study other expressways in Central Texas Region through collaborations with various regional transport companies.

Mr. Heiligenstein Contributions at the Summit

Austin Business Journal held the 19th year Williamson County Growth Summit to discuss the transportation challenges facing the suburban communities. They also discussed the effects of technology to the transportation industry in Austin area. The transit discussion brought together four panelists from different transport sectors including Jared Ficklin, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kosper, and Mike Heiligenstein. In the debate, Mr. Heiligenstein highlighted that Austin needed to build smarter and more efficient roads especially in the suburbs where there is a tremendous increase in population. On the topic of the driverless cars, Mike Heiligenstein sighted that the process of adoption may be slow and tedious than anticipated.

John from Uber Technologies advocated for the creation of subsidies that would cover the first and the last mile that every commuter has to walk to get to a bus stop. Additionally, Mr. Ficklin emphasized that the policy makers need to be flexible on the buildings and land-use codes, which are bound to change with the increase of the autonomous vehicles in future.

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Grab Amazing Sapphire Engagement Rings at Affordable Prices Today!

Over the past few years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of customers choosing sapphire engagement rings. This is a trend that began even before Duchess of Cambridge got engaged to William with a sapphire ring as the main engagement gift. Sapphire is a product formed from corundum mineral. Being a hard gemstone, sapphire is well suited to withstand both wear and tear that most engagement rings tend to be subjected to. Compared to other ring gemstones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies, sapphire is attractively priced and this fact has contributed to it being popular among many women.

In comparison to diamonds, sapphire rings are unusually certified. Furthermore, the certified sapphires are not ranked in accordance to universally accepted criteria for gravity, color, cut and clarity like the diamonds.

Unique Features

Not different from other gemstones, sapphire sizes are expressed in carats weight terms that; is one carat equals to half a gram. It is important to note that sapphire is denser than diamond and this therefore justifies the fact that they tend to be smaller than diamond the same weight. Cost is also another vital factor to consider. Normally, the value of sapphire increases exponentially with the size. Despite the fact that most sapphires are available in blue, there are also other color ranges including pink, green, orange, yellow and purple. Most clients prefer peacock blue or rich royal blue shade that looks attractive under different light sources. In bright daylight, pale stones might look washed out. On the other hand, under weaker light, very dark sapphires perform less well. It is also crucial to consider color hue. Some customers prefer dominant blue with violet hints among others. More often sapphires are well cut so that zoning is invisible when viewing the stone from above. Herein is one company that produces high quality sapphire rings.

Successful Firm in the Industry

Since inception in 1993, The Natural Sapphire Company has continued to produce untreated, natural sapphire stones and quality jewelry. This firm sources only socially and environmentally produced sapphires. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of sapphire rings on its collection thus giving clients a good opportunity to choose those that impress them more.

IT Staffing Is Done The Right Way With John Goullet

John Goullet has helped build a great IT staffing company together with Gene Waddy called Diversant, LLC. Goullet is the executive principal of this company and helps guide its business strategy. Diversant, LLC is built on the idea of promoting diversity within the IT workforce, and with the combination of ideas from Goullet and Waddy this company has been able to grow into many new markets. Hiring the right candidates can be time-consuming for many companies, and likewise providing the right resume and tackling the interview can be daunting for new candidates. So Goullet’s company helps bridge the gap between the two parties.

Before Diversant was formed, Goullet was the founder and CEO of Info Technologies. He has a degree from Ursinus College and served for a few years as a computer consultant to companies like the Computer Sciences Corporation and the Constell Group. He became interested in helping these companies find more qualified workers, so he changed his career to IT staffing. He began his company, Info Technologies without much capital, but within five years he grew its net worth to $30 million. Info Technologies had become quite reputable that it got cited twice in INC Magazine as one of the fastest-growing fortune 500 companies.

Goullet and Waddy decided to merge companies in 2010, and soon Diversant began to open up offices all across the US. Diversant has reached out to the local communities in New York and New Jersey including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Harlem Business Alliance, and others. They’ve also started scholarship programs for charter schools, including the Marion P. Thomas Charter School. Diversant is committed to bringing new workers in through higher education, and even providing former military members a transitional program for when they retire to civilian life. Diversant also has other employee benefits including tuition reimbursement and green card programs.


How John Goullet Improves IT Services through DIVERSANT LLC


Magnises card is changing the way people party in the big city

What were you doing at the age of 23? Do you know what it takes to live among the elite club in the world? Do you wish to be part of an elite class of lads that live life on the fast lane? If these questions have definite answers, then this article is just for you. While many 23-year-olds were busy nursing hangovers,23 year old, Billy McFarland had created and founded an elite club that was to be attended by the crème de la crème of the society as a whole. Established in the year 2014, Magnises has been created purposely to help you build the Perfect network. The birth of this idea meant that Billy had founded a society of elite millennials where each person receives a black card and parties in New York City penthouse without limits, the parties are held in lavish estates and are attended by the who is who in the city. A majority of the clients that have visited the club are working professionals aged 21years to 35 years old. These professionals specialize in various areas of expertise, from fashion moguls, finance gurus, and tech entrepreneurs on Crunchbase. The list of prominent people that visit the places is huge and with a huge customer base of 12,000 people and still growing it only goes to show you how fine being an associate in one of these clubs is an excellent idea.

What then are the perks or having this card? By flashing your Magnises card, you can automatically qualify for a discount at restaurants, bars or clubs. You can also be sure that if you produce your card on reserve experiences like private concerts and luxurious getaways that no one will dare stop you from attending the function at hand. By using the personalized black card, the private club is surefire to give young professionals access exclusive events and deals in some of the biggest cities on the east coast and most particularly in New York City. The fact that Magnises black card that gives you access can be linked to your bank or credit card for payment purposes makes this card very fundamental hence the need to get one.

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Just recently, New York-based Magnises member had the privilege of accessing the co-working facilities at Alley, and for just $99 per month, one would get these corporate offices. At a time when the Normal working space can cost an upward of $500 a month, getting one at $99 is one of the perks that comes with using this black card. This new membership feature of Magnises that has been added to the inventory can now be termed as WorkPass. There are other different packages offered once one acquires his or her card. The packages come in handy as some offer you the client the privilege of visiting some of the most exclusive hotels and nightclubs in the city.

In conclusion, the Magnises card is the key to your membership as each card is personalized and gives you access to member only benefits and experiences that money can buy. If you are looking to party like the kings, then this is the card that you need to have as it’s not only safe but very convenient to use. Source: http://elitedaily.com/money/magnises-millennials-build-network/1236220/

WEN by Chaz For The Best In Total Haircare

Taking good care of your hair doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to treat it correctly. Over washing your hair can do more damage than not washing it enough as it tends to strip the moisture away from the scalp. Unfortunately many brands have chemicals that are harmful to hair. Dyes may give you a certain color, but dyes will dry out the follicles and scalp with long time use. Just taking a more logical approach is the best way to go and WEN by Chaz haircare products are some of the best on the market.

WEN by Chaz was founded by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. Living a healthy lifestyle is what he lives by and treating the hair with natural ingredients has become his success. Chaz Dean not only provides great service, but he also advices those of how to treat and maintain their hair for the best results. Mr. Dean preaches his word in an affect to give his clients/customers the proper knowledge of healthy haircare. The WEN by Chaz products doesn’t use shampoos because of their moisture stripping capabilities and drying effects. Rather these products are cleansing conditioners instead which lacks the use of bleach, sodium laurel sulfate, or other additive chemicals.

One of the brand’s best products is the QVC advertised WEN Deluxe Kit. This kit is a 5-in-1 product thoroughly cleanses the hair without the use of any damaging sulfates. Now you’ll receive a treatment that naturally detangles, moisturizes, strengthens, and heals. It’s pure genius of how the formula works and once you personally try it out for yourself, you’ll began to see why WEN by Chaz is the top product on the market. Taking your haircare health back and to another level with WEN by Chaz won’t leave  Check out the Wen YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare) and Facebook page for more information.

Your Path to Home Ownership in Dallas

In Dallas, Texas, an unusual program is paving the way for increased home ownership. Nexbank, a very popular online banking institution is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a provider of nonprofit mortgage services, in a project to help people get their own homes. Habitat for Humanity is also involved, and the goal is to offer 100 or more loans per year over the next several years for low-income families in the area.

Nexbank is planning to provide up to $50 million in the way of loans which will be utilized for the purpose of helping low-income homeowners get funding for new homes. Nexbank has also pledged to cover closing costs and title fees up to a limit of $2,000 for each individual loan.

The head of Habitat for Humanity, Mark Tribuna, said recently, “We are very grateful to Nextbank, as they are providing a great service to us and to our customers.” Tribuna went on to say that the need for medium and low range housing in the Dallas, Fort Worth areas is very large and that the joint effort is really going to pay off for the families, and the Dallas and Fort Worth communities in a big way.

The three pillars of financial security offered by Nexbank are Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Of course, the mortgage department of Nexbank is what interests homeowners the most. With fair terms and aggressive wholesaling measures, Nexbank stands out in the banking community as one of the up and coming, and most popular banks.

The online department has made great strides in assisting clients to be handled effortlessly by customers who do not even have to go out of their house of office in order to transact their popular banking business online.

Nexbank is a rapidly growing and popular banking system with $3.5 billion in assets. Much of its business is online, yet it still has branch offices where people can bank the “old fashioned” way.

Providing commercial, mortgage and investment banking with great versatility and professionalism. This gives a “double world” effective way of approaching the problem of having to pick a perfect house. Simply use the part of the house in cold weather as it fits your lifestyle, and you cannot miss.

Using Wen Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, it can be quite confusing to figure out the right products for your hair type, and what sort of care you are looking for. For example, if you have thick hair, you may be looking for ways to make it silkier, smoother or more tame. If you have thin hair, you’re likely looking for volume. If you visit the salon for color often, you’ll want color protection. It’s hard to find a good shampoo and conditioner combo and then even harder to find products to help maintain your everyday style. For those who struggle to find that perfect combination, there is a product called the Wen cleansing conditioner that seriously does it all, making it easier to style your hair.

The Sephora endorsed Wen cleansing conditioner comes in several varieties for various hair types, to help you choose the right outcome for your hair. This product is an all in one product, containing shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment. No need to go out and buy several hair products when you can buy one. The product saves time and money, while ensuring that your hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. Wen is known to use fantastic ingredients and nutrients needed to grow hair long and strong.

If you’ve been looking for that hair product that blows you away, WEN hair will certainly do just that. Created by Chaz Dean, this product has become quite a phenomenon for being unique and reliable. Chaz Dean is a hair professional that works in the heart of Hollywood with all your favorite celebrities and is trusted by so many. You will love the results after using Wen cleansing conditioners within just days. Time to jump on that hair care bandwagon- your hair needs a re-boost! Learn more, about WEN Hair by checking put the brand’s Wikipedia page.

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WEN By Chaz Good Hair Effect? Yes, It’s True

You’ve probably tried a few health and beauty products before that were all hype and no delivery, or did not feel much different than any others you had tried before. But one special hair conditioner brand that has met or exceeded expectations is WEN by Chaz. WEN Hair is meant for those who have long hair that they just can’t seem to tame, and when it’s applied it attacks the strands, and makes them smoother and shinier. Before you try it though, you probably want to hear about it from someone who doesn’t work for WEN by Chaz. At Bustle.com, a user shares an account of her experience with it.
This girl had simply heard on Guthy-Renker about the effects that WEN by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) could have when used, and decided to buy their all-in-one conditioner. She was a bit surprised by how much the directions called for using during application, but found that it gave her hair a brand new feeling, losing minimal strands and attacking the grime and grease. Sure enough, her hair achieved more shine and softness than it had before, so she decided to try it for a week. She found that if she used it each morning when she showered, she’d have a great hair day, made note that it wouldn’t last if she skipped a day in between uses.

It’s true you do have to use WEN hair by Chaz frequently for the best results, but the product does deliver. The all-in-one conditioners come in several different versions including sweet almond mint, lavender, and pomegranate and you can buy them either in simple basic kits, or with extras in the deluxe kit. Chaz Dean started up this brand after deciding to take his photography skills a step further, and start a hair care product that women love. Like the Wen hair Facebook page for more details.


The 2020 Lovaganza Festivities and What to Expect

If you do not know anything about Lovaganza, you do not know what you are missing out on. Lovaganza is on a mission to make entertainment which is all inclusive. It is their vision to see a world which is brought together by events such as festivals and other cultural events. The aim of their activities is to make sure that all nations of the world are brought together and that everyone understands the essence of unity and what makes all of us unique on finance.yahoo.com.

Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

The theme of the 2020 Lovaganza celebrations will be under the theme: embarking on a bohemian adventure. The theme is chosen for the purposes of showcasing all the cultures of the nations on earth. There will be entertainment, both motion pictures and exhibitions. There will also be a showcasing of other attractions from all corners of the world.

The Lovaganza Convoy

The Bohemian Adventure promises people from all over the world a journey like no other. The activities lined up for the event include an exciting ride around the world, through mediums such as cinema. People attending the festivities on euroweeklynews.com should expect to be taken through a delightful journey that will transverse through comedy, mystery and even action. There is also expected to be a lot of suspense and drama at the same time.

The Culture

For anyone who loves culture and are excited by learning the cultural beliefs of other parts of the world, the Lovaganza festivities of 2020 will be the best event to take part in. Expect to learn about other countries through their culture, languages and even their literature and clothing. It is not going to a boring event at all considering that there is a lot lined up and everyone is encouraged to come prepared for an adventure.

In order to be part of the 2020 Lovaganza festivities, contact them through their official website. You can also browse the range of activities lined up and which could be of interest to you. Being part of Lovaganza events and festivities not only give you the opportunity to relax and have fun, but also enjoy learning something new about other people. Why not take your whole family and friends and enjoy the festivities. Prepare well beforehand so as to get the most out of the experience.

Richard Blair’s roles as Wealth Solutions’ investment advisor

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solution in 1994 to help small individuals, families and small-scale enterprise improve their livelihood. Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions specializes in investment advisory services. Born in a family drawn to the world of education, Richard Blair could learn how teaching is significant to the growth of knowledge and confidence.

Driven by the passion for finance, Blair realized that he could help people plan for their investments and finances. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Blair ventured into the financial services industry. Subsequently, he founded his company, Wealth Solution in 1994 to provide objective and unbiased financial guidance to his clients.

Over the years, Richard Blair has gained immense knowledge and experience in retirement planning. As such, Blair helps his clients bridge the gap between retirement planning and retirement life. He is endeavored to help them avoid common financial pitfalls and provides strategies to plan for retirement income. Richard is passionate about helping clients realize their vision of a successful retirement.

About Wealth Solutions

The investment advisory firm specializes in providing wealth management, and retirement and financial planning services. Wealth management involves the formation of an investment portfolio to enhance proper diversification of resources based on specific client’s needs.

Wealth Minder says that Richard Blair uses traditional and alternative investment portfolio to teach clients on how to manage their wealth. Richard’s success in wealth management is attributed to collaboration with clients. Richard acknowledges that clients have unique investment needs, seek advice from trustworthy agencies and want customized solutions.

In Financial Planning, Wealth Solution is endeavored to help its clients to establish their objectives as they relate to their property. It involves evaluation of clients’ assets, liabilities, and their financial position. Furthermore, Wealth Solutions helps its clients to plan for their retirement.

Financial planning is not bound to property and retirement planning but also involves college planning. Wealth Solutions regards retirement planning as an important aspect of life. Although Richard Blair has helped many clients to grow their wealth, most of them are not sure on how to plan for their retirement.

Nonetheless, as Wealth Solutions’ financial advisor, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has contributed a lot towards its success. Blair has worked in the financial planning industry for over 24 years.

He is a registered investment advisor as well as a certified financial planner. Richard specializes in advising clients about securities within finances and as a certified financial planner, he offers financial advice to Wealth Solutions’ clients across the world.